In Loving Memory of
          Mz Jazzy Jean Adams.



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                                                    I have dedicated this web site to a Very Dear Kind Gentle Loving Friend that has truly touched the hearts of every one she has talked to in her life...

  I only knew her for a short time and I had never seen nor had I actually spoken to her.   She was a regular on the computer chat room lurking and keeping an eye on everybody.   She would post and say Hi to everyone and to tell us how she and her family was doing.   If we got out of line she would threaten to grab a switch and take us behind the wood shed.

  She called all the ones that got out of line her Rowdies.

  She always wanted to hear how everyone was doing.   Everybody that has ever talked to her Loved her so very much.   She had a select few of the people she loved.   She would call them her Sons her Daughters and her Baby.   I was fortunate enough to be called her Adopted Son.   That really meant a lot to me knowing that she really cared about me.

  If you ever did anything for her she would get on the chat room or E-mail everyone and highly praise you to the point it would almost embarrass you.

  But nobody really minded it at all.   Everybody just laughed and teased in fun.

  She was just so Loving and caring that she wanted to let every one know how much she really appreciated everything anybody did for her.   You just couldn't help but to Love her.

  When she had trouble walking and could not go out any more.   One Very Dear Friend took it upon himself to talk to us to see if we could help her out by purchasing a Jazzy chair for her.   Hence the name Mz Jazzy Jean.   We reached deep down into our pockets to show her how much she really meant to us.   That will be a very special moment in time for me that I will never forget when it arrived and she got to try it out.   She was posting on the chat room and E-mailing every one crying and saying how fortunate she was to have so many friends.   She then was not confined to the house anymore.   She told everyone that she was the happiest girl in the whole world with so many wonderful,,Loving and caring friends...   Their wasn't many dry eyes after reading how much we really meant to her.

  I remember on July 4, 2002 she was on the chat board and was telling people to post pictures of the American Flag or Fireworks to show our patriotism for this Beautiful Country of ours.   I pulled out my disc that I had and started to post pictures as fast as I could type.   They were just some of the ones that I had found on the internet.

  She was Loving all the pictures that I had.   Then more people started to post also.   She was so very Proud of us all.

  I remember on August 17, 2002 I received an E-mail from her.   She said she has watched me post from afar for quite a while and knew that I was more than just someone on the chat room.   She called me a very special person with a pure heart of gold with so much Love and manners.   She wanted to know if I would mind if she could adopt me and call me her son on the chat room.   I really didn't know what to say.   It brought a smile on my face and my heart was so full of Love for her that tears were streaming down my face.   No one has ever said anything like that to me.   I replied back to her to tell her that I would be so honored to be her Adopted Son.

  One day I was at a store and seen this Beautiful little statue of an Eagle.   I know that she loved Eagles so I bought it and sent it to her for being so kind to me.   When she received it she e-mailed me and told me that she was so surprised that I sent something to her and she couldn't hardly open it she was so excited.   She told me that it would have a pernment home right beside her computer holding a Beautiful beaded flag that Star made for her.   It meant so much to her.

  On the Week before My birthday I received a letter from her.   It was a Birthday card with a Book Marker in it and a little tie-tac pin shaped of a cross.   On the cross it read: God Loves You And So Do I.   She even Signed it I Love You,,, Mama.   I was smiling knowing that she really cared for me as a tear was rolling down my cheek...

  I remember before Christmas everybody was thanking Mz. Jean for the jam and telling her how wonderful it was.   I really didn't know what was going on and I was feeling left out,,,hurt,,and alone.   I didn't post on the board to ask what was going on.   I just lurked and wondered why everyone was enjoying what she had given them.   I went out to check the mail and their was a package addressed to me from Mz. Jean.   I opened it right there on the spot and there was a package of jam for me.   I cried.       I still have it by the way...

  A lot of the people on the chat room knew her when she posted.   She was always laughing and posting about how Wonderful,,,Loving,,,Caring every body was to her.   But,,,there was a selected few that she confided in by E-mail.   We knew that she was not feeling well but she didn't want any sympathy from any body...   She was always so cheerful when she posted but sometimes it was very hard for us to post when we knew about her health with tears in our eyes...

  Sometimes we would tell her we would be right back to go do something.   But we didn't go anywhere.   We were there with tears in our eyes trying to compose ourselves so we could post and make like nothing was wrong.

  When her health was slowly fading away she was posting less and less.   Everybody knew and understood but in our hearts we really didn't want to believe that one day we would get that Post on the chat room an E-mail or a phone call telling us that she has left us to be with Jesus.   For a few of us it was very hard for us to accept that one day she would be gone from our lives,,,but not from our Hearts.

  I know that in my heart,,, one day,,, each and every one of us will get to meet Mz. Jean.   For some it will be again,,, for others it will be for the very first time...

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