Installing the VIDEO Card.
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Did You Remember to touch something metal to Ground Yourself before you handle any Computer Parts  Or use your Anti-Static Wristband?

On this page I will show you how to put in an AGP Video Card.
Nah,,,not hard to do at all.
Just pay attention and I,,,,,HEY OVER HERE!!! I said to pay Attention.


Now on to installing this Video Card.
Here is a picture of the Video card i will be installing.

It is a PNY GeForce2 MX400 Verto card.

This card has 64 MB of SDRAM built in the. Should do the trick for me. hehehehehe
The first thing you need to do is find the AGP Slot on the Motherboard as shown on the right. It's the Brown slot the sits back just a little bit farther than the (white) PCI slots.

It will be near the middle of the board on the back where all of your I/O ports are.

Now on this board there is a little white tab as you can see from the picture on the top of the AGP slot.
What that little tab does is lock down your Video Card on the Back. Pretty neat Idea!!!
Sometimes they can get bumped out when you are changing your Memory or RAM.

Found It?


Now let go install it.
The next thing you need to do is find the "Adapter Plate" on the back of your case Parallel to the AGP slot and remove the little plate. Some cases you have to take out the screw "Save the Screw" and other Cases you have to bend them out until they break out.

On this case you just have to push on them and they just pop out.

Don't worry about pulling out the wrong one.

We will use that space later.
Now are you have to do is take the card and put it into and AGP Slot and then push into the slot until it is Seated.
One thumb on the front of the card and one thumb on the back.
You will know it is seated because the little tab will rest against the case where you will put a screw in to hold the card to the case.

Now you can Attach the card by putting in the Screw as shown by the picture on the right circled in red.

Then you can reach on the back of the Video card and lift up the little white tab to lock the back of the Video card down.

Some Motherboards does not have this feature. If your does not don't worry about it.
When you have the screw in place and the back of the Video Card Locked down then it should look like the picture on the right.
This is what it will look like on the back of your Computer when it is all tightened down.
Now See that Wasn't hard at all. Now let's install the Sound Card on
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