Installing the Sound Card.
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Did You Remember to touch something metal to Ground Yourself before you handle any Computer Parts  Or use your Anti-Static Wristband?

Now I'm gonna show you how to install a Sound Card in Your Computer by installing one in mine!!!
I am installing a Sound Blaster Audigy Platinum Card.
This card is NICE!!!

This card is Not for the everyday computer user. So why did i get one?
Well because it gonna look COOL. hehehehe

And I wanted to be able to enjoy my Music that I want to hear without leaving the comfort of my little room.
What you are looking at on the right is the Sound Blaster Audigy Drive that will go in the Front of the case.
It's to connect your Headphones, Microphone CD or Tape Players MIDI Devices and even External Hard Drives that support the IEEE 1394 Connector.   I Gotta buy more toys!!! hehehehe.

Oh,,,did I tell you that it even comes with a remote control.
This is a side view of the Audigy Drive. You can see the Rails that I have already connected for my case. Yeah,,,,one of them is on the other side.
Most cases you will have to put it in and then screw it down to the case.
This case you put on the Rails and then you just slide it into the case until it clicks. Very easy to pull out also.
Now don't think you have to buy the Biggest Sound card they have on the Market.
If you are just gonna check your E-Mail and surf the web every once in a while you can just get a Sound Card that is Very Inexpensive.

Like the one on the right. $20.00 for a ISA sound card.
If you have an ISA slot as shown on page 3

They also make inexpensive Sound Cards for a PCI slot also.
But if your gonna be listening to music or playing games you will want to get a better Sound Card.
If you are Just installing a Regular Sound Card you do NOT have to do this.

The first this I needed to do is take the 5 1/4" "Cover Plate" off the front bezel (front cover) On this case the Bezel comes off and you can just push the tabs in and it will come out easly.
On other cases you can take a little screw driver from the inside and gently release the tabs enough to push it out it.

This is my Bezel (front cover) with the "Cover Plate" off.
Ok,,Now let's install that Sound Card!!!

Remember to pop out the "Adapter Plate" in the back of the case before you try to install the sound card.

I like to lay the case on it's side cause you can see better and that way you won't tip it over when you are installing the cards.

After you remove the Adapter Plate then you just put the Sound Card in the next available PCI Slot and Push down on the Card until it is fully seated.

I had to move mine down one slot because a Stupid capacitor got in the way. Oh Well.

You will know because the little tab that connects to the case with a screw will be flush.
Just like the Video Card.

Then all you do is put the screw in and screw it down.  I know,,,I know,,,just like the Video Card!!!

After the Card is in you will have a little cable that comes with your Sound Card.
One end will be attached to your Sound Card See Your Manual and the other end will be attached to you CDROM.

Don't attach it just yet. It's a lot easier to attach it to the CDROM then to the Sound Card. More room to work with.
Now I will be installing the Audigy Drive to the Front of the case.
Since I already attached the Drive Rails to it all I have to do is just slide it in.

On this kind of Sound Card with the Audigy Drive their are a few more plugs and cables to attach.
One is for the Internal SB1394 cable that is used for Digital Camera's  Digital Audio Players and a whole bunch of other things that I do not have yet!!!

Also there is the power cord that is attached to the power supply and the Ribbon cable that will be attached to the Sound card.

Looks Pretty Fun huh?
OK,,,Here is the Audigy drive attached to the Front.
And here is the inside of the case.
Don't worry about the wires I will tie them up to make it nice and neat. Plus makes better airflow through the case when all the wires are tucked out of the way.
Here is what the Sound Card will look like on the back of your Computer.

WOW!!! Video and Sound.
Hmmmmmmm, then how about installing a Modem now.
Lets go On to

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