Installing the Operating System.
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Now that you have the Computer all together and the Bios Saved and the Hard Drive Partitioned and Formated now we can get the Operating System Loaded on the Hard Drive.

You did Buy an Operating System Didn't You?

Like Windows 98,,,98SE,,,2000,,,ME,,,NT,,,ETC.
The first thing you need is a Windows start up disk or Boot disk.
If you have a Friend or somebody that is using the same operating System as you are going to Load they can make you one.

Make sure it's the same Operating System!!!

If not you could probably go down to your local computer store and they can make you one.
The Disk will be a FLOPPY Disk.
Make sure the Computer is off!!!
Now,,,When you get your BOOT DISK You need to stick in the Floppy Drive.

Then turn on the Computer.
After it boots to the floppy it will have a choice of (3) things
1.start computer with CD-ROM Support.
2. Start computer Without CD-ROM Support.
3. View the Help Files.

Number 1 will be highlighted so all you have to do is hit ENTER.

After it loads the CD-Rom Drivers it will finally stop and give you an A Prompt.
It will look like this:


Yea,,,just like when we partitioned the Hard Drive.

Then you type in the Letter X: X=Your CD-ROM Letter. Don't forget the Colon. Then hit ENTER. This will give you the CD Prompt.
Type in DIR and hit ENTER.
You should see something like this:

Volume in drive X is WINDOWS
Directory of X:\

ADD_ONS     <DIR>      05-11-98   8:01p
AUTORUN  INF        81 05-11-98   8:01p
CDSAMPLE     <DIR>     05-11-98   8:01p
DRIVERS      <DIR>     05-11-98   8:01p
README    TXT    2,838 05-11-98   8:01p
SETUP     EXE    3,824 05-11-98   8:01p
TOOLS       <DIR>      05-11-98   8:01p
WIN98       <DIR>      05-11-98   8:01p
     3 file(s)         6,743 bytes  
        5 dir(s)              0 bytes free
Now looking at your Screen you should see the SETUP EXE.
You should already be at your X:\> Prompt. (X=Your CD letter)
Just type in SETUP and it will start to perform a routine check on your system by pressing ENTER or if you want to quit Press ESC.
Press ENTER.
The system will perform a Scandisk on the Hard Drive to see if there are any errors.
After that is done go to EXIT by using the arrow keys to Highlight the button and Press ENTER
After you press enter the Windows Welcome 98 Setup will appear.
To begin just press or click on Continue.

Hey the Mouse Works Now!!! hehehehe

After it prepares the Window Wizard it will ask you To Read the License Agreement.
Just click on the I Accept the Agreement and click on the NEXT button.
Then it will ask you for the Product KEY Code. Just type in the code!!! It will be on the Jewel Case or cardboard sleeve that your CD came in. Don't worry about getting to the other boxes, it will do that automatically.

Then just click NEXT
Now if you got the Full Version of the Operating system you can skip this.

If you just bought an Upgrade Version you Have to Have an older Version of Windows in order to install it on your Computer. Like Windows 95 or even Windows 3.1.
If you did buy the Upgrade the Computer will come to a screen that will say

Upgrade Compliance Check

On a New Clean Hard Drive it will not find any qualifying products and will ask you to insert your Original Windows setup Disk and type the path or browse to the Setup Files on the Original Windows Setup Disk.
OK then. Now you see a window that says Select Directory. Make sure that the C:\\WINDOWS is selected then click NEXT.
The system will then Check Your Regestry and then Prepare the Directory.
After that it go to a Setup Options Screen.
Really depends on what you want on your Computer.
Most of the time you will just select Typical. Then ClickNEXT.

Now it wants some User Information.

Your Name: First name,,,nickname,,,dogs name. Doesn't matter.

And also a Company name: You can just put in HOME or nothing at all.
Click on NEXT.
Now you will be at the Windows Components setup page.
Just click on NEXT.

You can install more if you want to when the Computer is up and running through the Control Panel with the ADD/REMOVE Programs Icon.

OK back to the Install.

Next is the Identification page.
You can just leave it alone or you can change to anything you want to. It's up to you!!!

Next is for the Location where you are at.
Just find the country where your at and then Click NEXT.

Next is if you want to make a Startup Disk.

If you want to make one now Just click on NEXT and have a Clean Floppy Disk ready.
If you Do Not want to make a STARTUP DISK right now Just click on NEXT and then when it ask you to INSERT DISK just click on CANCEL.

Then it will tell you to remove the the disk and then click OK to continue SETUP. You can make one now or you can make one later when you have Windows up and Running.

It will go to a screen to Start Copying FIles,,,Click on NEXT and Just Sit back and relax,,,It will take about 25 Minutes.

You can try to read what is on the screen but sometimes it's just tooo fast.
Well, Maybe I'm just a Slow reader. hehehehehe
After it gets through installing it will tell you it needs to be restarted. Don't worry if your not around it will restart itself in 15 seconds. Several Times!!!

Then it will want to know the Date/Time and the Time Zone of where you are at.

After you get that all done the click on Apply then click on OK
After it gets through installing the first thing you will see is the Welcome to Windows popup. You can read it now or later.
If you do not want it to start up every time just click on the little box down on the bottom left hand corner.
Now that you have got the Operating system installed the Very First thing you want to Install is the Motherboard Drivers.

If everything else pops up just click on CANCEL.

Most of the time you just put the CD into the CDROM and it will start Automatically.
If not you can Double left click on the My Computer Icon and then Double Left Click on the Control Panel.
Find the ADD/REMOVE Icon and Double Left Click on it.

Then click on the Windows Setup tab on the top. Click on anything you want to install and have your Windows Disk ready because it will want it.
Then you can install the Drivers for Your Video Card ,,,Sound CArd,,,Modem,,,ETC. Just remember when the Wizard pops up always click on HAVE DISK. You want the Drivers that came with your Devices and not the Unified Drivers that Windows will install.

It might work with the Windows Drivers but it's a lot better with the Disk that comes with the Devices.

WOW!!! Now you have a Fully Functionial Computer Now.

Now don't break your arm by Patting yourself on the Back.


Hmmmmmmm, then how about installing that Printer now.
Lets go on to

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