Attaching A Scanner
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On this page I will show how to Attach a Scanner.
Here is a picture of a Scanner I will be Attaching just to show you how to attach yours on your Computer.

This one is a HP 4470 CSE Scanjet.

1200 dpi optical resolution
1200X2400 dpi hardware resolution
Unlimited enhanced resolution
48-bit color.
This Scanner even came with a Transparency Adapter (XPA) With Accessories.

It's for scanning your 35mm slides and negatives.
The first thing is see if it has Cables!!!

Yea Most of the Scanners they are not included.
Here is a picture of the Back of the Scanner.
Yours May differ a little bit.
Just Check your Manual.
On the Back of your Scanner you will see the Computer Parallel port on the left,,, The Computer Printer port,,,the USB Plug,,, the XPA Plug,,,and the Power inlet for the power cord on the far right.
Here is where the USB Cable gets attached on the back of your computer.

It's Just like the Printer USB Cable.
You have two USB Ports on the back of your Computer so it one is used just plug it into the other one.
You do the same thing as you did with your Printer.
Make sure your Computer is turned off and the USB Cables are NOT connected to the back of the Computer.
Now turn on the Computer and wait for Windows to start.
Then you plug one end of the USB cable into the USB port on the back of your Scanner.
Then you Plug the other end into the USB Port on the Computer.
After a few seconds the ADD New Hardware Wizard screen will appear. Click NEXT.
The next screen will be Search for the best driver for your device. Click NEXT.
Select Specify a location and click the Browse button, Do NOT click NEXT.
Put your CD or Disk that came with your Scanner into the Drive and then look for the USB folder on the Disk Drive.
Click NEXT and it will install the Driver on your Computer.
Restart the Computer and folow the instructions on the screen.
Now Go and Play with Your New Toy!!!

I will be adding more toys to this Monster so come back anytime.

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