Installing the Modem.
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Did You Remember to touch something metal to Ground Yourself before you handle any Computer Parts  Or use your Anti-Static Wristband?

Their are a lot of Different Modems out there. The one you want to get is a "Controller Based" Modem.

I kind of shy away from Modems also called Controllerless,,,HCF,,,HSF,,,HSP,,,SOFT,,,WIN,,,WINMODEM..

Those are Modems that do not have a built in controller card. Which means they are software driven.
Just more work for your computer.
They make them because they are cheaper than the "Controller based" modems.

If you were going to run the Operating System "Linux" a Winmodem will not work because it needs Microsoft Windows to make it work.

OK,,,,OK,,,,I see that I am boring you to death. Well on to installing that Modem.
What I like is the External Modems.
You don't even have to open the case.
Just Pull it out of the box attach the Serial Cable to the COM Port Usually COM1 plug it into the wall,,Attach the phone line to the back of the Modem and Start up your Computer and load the drivers when the computer asks for it.

But for now I will show you how to install one inside the case.
Make sure that you get a PCI Modem if you do not have an ISA Slot on your Motherboard.

You install the Modem just like installing the Video and the Sound Card.
You take off the "Adapter Plate" on the back of your case where the Modem Card will go.   Push down on the card in the PCI Slot until it is Firmly Seated then attach it to the case with a screw.

Am I repeating myself too much?
If you are installing it into an ISA Slot you will have to buy a ISA Modem Card.
Here is a picture of a PCI and a ISA Modem card for you to see the Difference.

If you notice the part that goes into the Motherboard Slots the PCI is smaller than the ISA.

Just watch what you are buying for your computer so you don't have to keep making trips to the Computer Store.

Been there,,,Done that.   hehehehehe.

Well have you got in there yet?


Now that was easier than the others Card huh? Now for the Hard Drive on

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