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Ok. The first thing you need is a good work bench to put your computer together.

The Kitchen table is a good place. But Please Not while your eating. Just not enough room for your computer,,,the plate,,,and your Beer. hehehehe

Did You Remember to touch something metal to Ground Yourself before you handle any Computer Parts  Or use your Anti-Static Wristband?

What I like to do first is install the CPU RAM and the Heatsink before I mount the Motherboard to the Mounting plate.

To install the CPU and the Just lift up the little Plastic or Metal lever all the way up as pictured on the right.

Note: In the anti-static bag will be your Motherboard and a piece of foam. Leave the Motherboard on the foam until you get ready to install it on the Mounting Plate.
This is the CPU I am going to be installing in the Computer.

1.2 Ghz Socket A.

Pretty Nice Huh?

Quit drooling you're getting it all wet!!!

Now after you have lifted the lever all the way up you can now install the CPU.

It will only go in one way.
There is a little mark on the corner of the CPU and the corner is notched. You can see what i mean by the picture above on the lower left hand side of the CPU.
The socket on this Motherboard is simple to install the CPU.
Just line up the notched corner with the inside of the lever.

Yours may be a little different so Please Look at your Manual.
When you place the CPU into the Motherboard Socket with the lever up the socket will go in very easy.
If not check to see is you have the CPU the right way and wiggle it very gently into it goes in the proper holes.

Then just move the lever down into it's locked position. There will be a little resistance but don't worry it's just locking down the CPU.

Make sure it is down all the way!!!
Here is a pic of the RAM I am installing.
It is Kingston DDR SDRAM PC2100.

This stick is 128 mb. I also added another 256 mb also, making it a total of 384mb.
Pay close attention to the notch on the bottom.
I will be installing it below.

If your Motherboard supports SDRAM not DDR it will have 2 Notches on the bottom.
Installing the RAM or Memory is pretty simple.
Make sure the clips on the sides of the socket(s) is open or away from each other.
Then all you have to do is line up the notch on the bottom the the stick or Module on the socket and press down on the chip firmly until it clicks or seated.
I like to push down one one side then the other.
Do not wiggle it. Just push straight down.

Here is a pic of the Heatsink I will be installing on the CPU.

This one is a Speeze #5T060B1H3R BIG ROCK

I like them


On the bottom of the Heatsink you will see a little tab that you pull off when you are ready to attach the Heatsink to the CPU. Under the tab is a cooling compound to aid the cooling of the CPU.
It will not be enough for my computer so I took it off with some alcohol and used the silver thermal Grease that comes with the Heatsink.

You just need to put it where the old compound was. Not over the whole thing.
Also they give more than enough compound to do the job. All you need is just enough to cover the CPU where it will be touching the Heatsink. If you look at the CPU the only place that the heatsink will touch the Processor is the little black spot in the middle of the CPU.
When you install the Heatsink make sure it goes the right way. On this Heatsink there is a notch on the bottom and the notch will go on the Motherboard Socket.
Not on the CPU.
Align the Mounting tabs on the MotherBoard Socket. Clip one end of the Mounting tab and then the other.
Make sure the Heatsink is centered on the chip.
Once it is in place Do not move it. You can chip the CPU.

Oh,,,and don't forget to plug the fan into the motherboard. Your manual will show you where to plug in the fan.
Now we can install the motherboard into the case!!!

I know,I know. It's about time!!! hehehehehe
OK,,, The first thing you need to do is remove the (6) screws on the right side of the case as shown on the right.

When you remove the screws move the Motherboard Mounting plate foward 1/4" tilt it towards you and lift straight up.
When you have the Motherboard Mounting Plate off you will see a bunch of Motherboard Stakes or standoffs.
This what you bolt down the motherboard to the Plate.

You might have to move them for you own Motherboard.
Their are several configured holes that will fit almost every Motherboard made today.

Before you even think about picking up the Motherboard. Please Ground yourself by touching something metal to get rid of the static electricity in your body.

Just hold your motherboard to the plate and see what holes you need to use and move the stakes to the holes on your motherboard.

If you have to move the Standoffs just use the pliers and loosen them and move them to the correct holes to match your motherboard.

Just remember which is the top and the back. I don't want you to mount the Motherboard in backwards.

All the ports go to the Back.
Just thought i'd throw that in.
In the little bag of parts that comes with your case is your screws and little fiber washers.
The washers go on top of the Motherboard Not on the bottom.
Just line up the holes in your Motherboard to the stakes or standoffs on the Mounting plate and screw them in.
I like to just get all of them started first and then tighten them down.
Just tighten them down snug. You don't have to torque them down.

When you are done it should look like the picture on the right.
Now you can attach the Power Switch wire the IDE indicator LED,,,Power LED,,,Case Speaker wire,,,and the Reset Switch Wire. Just put the case next to the Motherboard Mounting Plate so you can easly attach the wires.
The wires on the left is what you will be attaching. Just use your Manual that came with the motherboard.
It's not as hard as it looks. All the connectors are named.
Well here is the wires attached to the motherboard.
Make sure you tie them up so it looks nice,,,neat and clean looking.

You may never know when someone might want to take a peek at your huuuuuuuuh Computer. hehehehehe
Also it promotes better airflow if they are out of the way.
While the Motherboard is out so you can get to it look in your Manual to set the correct jumper settings.
This board does most of it automatically so I didn't have to do anything.
But on some other boards you have to set the jumpers manually. Thats where the Tweezers come in handy for those very small Jumper Caps.

Pay Very Close attention to the Jumper Settings as explained in the Manual.
Well do you have everything all connected so far? Good!!! Now you can put the Mounting plate back on by putting the bottom in first tilting it toward the top of the case and Very Gently slide it toward the back.

Be sure to watch the back of the case to make sure the I/O Ports Match up the the I/O Plate on the back of the case.
When all the ports match up the the screw holes will line up and then you put the (6) screws back in. As shown on the right circled in red.

You do remember where you put them,,,don't you?
Here is a Picture of the back of the case with the Motherboard attached in the case.

Starting to get Goose Bumps Yet???
And here is a Picture of the Inside With the Motherboard installed on the right.

Don't forget to install the Power Supply to the Motherboard. It's a 20-pin connector from the power supply and you connect it to the Motherboard until you here it click.

Don't worry it will only go on one way.

And NO You cannot turn it on now!!!
The last thing I put on is the power cord.
Always check and then recheck your wiring.

I still recheck everything I do!!!
Alright,,,,now we need a Video Card.
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