Installing the Floppy Drive.
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Did You Remember to touch something metal to Ground Yourself before you handle any Computer Parts  Or use your Anti-Static Wristband?

The picture on the right is what a floppy Drive looks like. It is very simple to install. They are for storing small files and to make a boot disk when the time comes to install your Operating System. They only hold 1.44 MB.
This is what the back of the Floppy Drive looks like. It has only the power cord and the ribbon cable to install.
The Ribbon cable looks almost like the Ribbon Cable for the Hard Drive but it is Smaller. It has only 34 pins. So you cannot get them mixed up. One will fit the other one will not.
If you are looking at your Ribbon cable you will see the it will have (3) Connectors on it.
One is all the way down on one end and then they are (2) pretty close to each other. The one that is farther away from the others will be the one you plug into the Motherboard.

Just like the Hard Drive as explained on Page 8.
This is where the little Power Plug from your Power Supply goes to.

Remember me telling you about the Little Plug on Page 8 ?  Well this is where is connects to.
Circled in Red on the far right.

The first this you need to do is take off the little Floppy Drive cover off of the bezel (front cover) On this case the Bezel comes off and you can just push the tabs in and it will come out easly.
On other cases you can take a little screw driver from the inside and gently release the tabs enough to push it out it.

This is my Bezel (front cover) with the Floppy Drive cover off.
I like to use the top one cause if you want to install a second Hard Drive you will not have to move the Floppy Drive.
To install the Floppy Drive all you do is attach the Ribbon Cable to the Floppy Drive. It's easier to do outside of the case.
The Ribbon Cable also has a red stripe which is always pin Number 1.
Slide the Floppy Drive in to the slot that you have taken the cover off and screw it down like you did with the Hard Drive.
Make sure that the Floppy Drive is flush with the Bezel (front cover)
After you attach the screws then you can attach the power plug.
Don't worry it will only go on one way. Just push it on gently until you here it click.

Then you can attach the Floppy Ribbon Cable to the Motherboard.
It will be the BLACK 34 pin socket. It's the only one that it will fit in.

When you are done it should look like the picture on the right.
Now that was pretty easy to install the FLOPPY Drive. Let's Go ahead and put that CDROM in.

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