Installing the CDROM.
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Did You Remember to touch something metal to Ground Yourself before you handle any Computer Parts  Or use your Anti-Static Wristband?

Installing the CDROM is Pretty simple. All you have to do is pop out one of the bezel plates on the front bezel as shown by the picture on the right. Just make sure that the ribbon cable is long enough to reach from the CDROM to the Motherboard.
If the cable isn't long enough just put the bezel plate back in and pop out another one so the cable will fit and will not be too tight.

It doesn't really matter where you put it. You can even put it on the bottom. Your Choice!!! I know,,,I know
Putting the pressure on you now. heheheheheh
On some cases they take off only one Metal plate behind the Front Bezel. You will have to remove the Metal Plate with the pliers. Just wiggle it back and forth to snap off the little holding tabs.
You can just throw the metal piece away cause you not gonna get it back on.
Here is a picture of the front of a CDROM.
Yours may differ from the picture I have but they are basically all the same.
One the far left is where you attach your Headphones right next to the Headphone jack is a led light to tell you when it running.
Next to the LED is the Volume Control for the Headphones.
One the far right you see Two buttons the Left one is to Skip Tracks if you are listening to an Audio CD. And the one on the Right is to Open and Close The CD Tray.
You see that little hole off to the right of the CD Tray? If by some reason the Tray will not open you can stick a Straightened out paper clip into the hole to open the CD Tray.

Only if you have to!!!
When looking at the back of the CDROM you will see the power connector on the right. Just like the Hard Drive. The 40 pin ribbon cable in the middle. The jumper settings next to the 40 pin connector and two different size plugs for the sound cable on the far left. The Far left plug is for a Digital Plug and the one right next to it is a Standard Analog plug.
Before you install the CDROM into the case set the jumper to Master with the jumper cap.
Unless you are installing a second CDROM then you set one as Master and one as Slave.
This is when the tweezers comes in real handy.
Go ahead and attach the 40 pin ribbon cable and the sound cable.
I used the Analog Cable for Reference. I like to attach them before I slide in the CDROM. A little easier to do outside the case.
On this case I have to install the slide glides to the CDROM then you can just slide it in the slot until it clicks.
On other cases you just slide the CDROM into the open bay and screw it down with the supplied screws.
Make sure it is flush with the front of the case

Once you have the CDROM in the case and screwed down you can connect the 40 pin ribbon cable to the motherboard right next to the hard drive ribbon cable. The connector will be called IDE2

When you have the CDROM screwed down and the Ribbon Cable attached you can attach the power Cable.
Just like the Hard Drive Plug.

And also it will only go in one way.

When you have everything pluged in and tightened down it should look like the picture on the right.
Now you can attach the Analog Sound plug to the Sound Card.
It will be marked CD-IN. Just plug it it until you here it click.
Now let's review what we have covered:
  • We installed the Motherboard.
  • We installed the CPU.
  • We installed the Heatsink.
  • We installed the RAM.
  • We installed the Video Card.
    We installed the Sound Card.
  • We installed the Modem.
  • We installed the Hard Drive.
  • We installed the Floppy Drive.
  • We installed the CDROM.
  • Now what did i leave out. Hmmmmmm,,,, Oh Yea I Remember.

    WE ARE DONE!!!!!!!!!!

    Well with installing parts in the case.
    WOW!!!   Looking Good HUH ? Now to hook everything up!!! This way,,,Follow me!!!
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