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  The case is what we will be looking at on this page.  You can get all kinds of cases from towers to desktops. I will be putting together a tower because I don't have that much desktop space and you can set a tower on the floor and still get to it.
This case is an:    Enlight Endura #EN-7237.

This is the front of my case. As you can see it has (4) 5 1/4" and (3) 3 1/2" bays
(1) hidden of course

The Case Is 7.7" Wide by 16.7" High by 18.9" Deep.

Their is a lot of room for air flow!!!
This case requires no tools to open YEAH!!!

All you have to do to open this case is pull on the little latch on the bottom of the front bezel and pull gently.
It even has a diagram on how to open it on the back of the case
Once you get the front bezel off the case will look like this.

The 3 1/2" bays have rails attached so all you have to do it release the drive rail pins and pull it out.

The 5 1/4" bays the drive rail are attached to the devices and neatly slid into the desired bay.
More on this subject when we start installing.

Very neat idea.
To open the side panels all you have to do is when you have the front bezel off just slide the sides foward 1/4" then just pick them straight up.

Once you have the sides off it will look like this.

First picture is the left side of the case.
The upper left hand corner is the power supply.
The wires on the bottom of the case are your connectors for the front switch the led lights and the case speaker.

The little while box at the bottom is where your case speaker and the Front Cooling Fan are Located.

The second picture is the right side of the case.
The screws marked with Red circles is how you take off the Motherboard Mounting plate.

Just remove the (6) screws and move the Mounting Plate to the front 1/4" tilt it toward you and then just lift up

This is a picture of the back of the case.
The top part of the case is your power supply.

The left side of the case is your I/O Plate. That's where your Motherboard connections will be

The right side of the case is room for another fan. Which I'll be installing.

The bottom left you see (7) expansion slots. That's where your Sound Card,,,Video Card,,,ETC... Will be Sticking out.
OK,,,Here is a picture of the Rear Case fan. I hooked up a fan to it and there was just not enough air flow coming out of the case for me.
As you can see from the picture there are just too many restrictions.

So what I did is cut out the vent so there is no restricting air flow and put on a nice chrome Guard.
Now it's pushing a LOT of air out of the case!!!

Now,,,,Off to page 3.

This is where it gets FUN!!!

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