The Motherboard.
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Remember,,,Static can Kill your computer parts in a heart beat. So Please be careful!!!

Here is a picture of my Motherboard I will be installing.

It is a EPOX 8KHA+.
It is a Socket A for AMD processors.
It has onboard sound so you do not have to use a sound card. But I will not be using it. I have my own sound card.
Here is a close up of the Back panel layout that will stick out the back of your computer.
On the left is two PS/2 plugs. The top one is for the Mouse the bottom one is for the Keyboard.
The next one is your USB ports.
The long plug is your parallel port
The two bottom plugs and the COM1 and COM2 ports.
the top right is your Joystick/Midiport.
And the bottom right is your Sound card
This is a picture of the CPU socket.

This is where your CPU or processor will be placed.
On the right, when you are looking at the Motherboard,is a Brown Slot that is called an AGP slot.
This is where your Video Card will go.
Some Video Cards are PCI Cards but I like the AGP Cards. They're just faster.

It is located right next to the (white) PCI slots but it is set back just a little bit.
The six slots on the right are called PCI slots.
This is where your Sound card,,,Modem card,,,ETC will go.
The picture on the right is called the IDE1 and IDE2 connectors.

They are to connect your Hard Drive and your CDROM to the motherboard.
The little black connector is called the FDD1 or the Floppy Controller Connector.

What does it control?
Yep your Floppy Drive!!!
The little pins you see here is where the wires that is one you case for your Power Switch
the Hard drive LED
the Power LED
the case Speaker
and the Reset Button.
If your Motherboard has maybe one or two long black slots on the bottom edge of the board, those are called ISA Slots. Some Companies still use the slots for Modems and Sound Cards.

But this board does not. On the Right is a picture of another Motherboard just for you to see what they are.
Now Let's go install this Puppy in the Case!!!
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