Installing the MONITOR KEYBOARD and MOUSE.
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Did You remember to take off the Anti-Static Wristband ?
Unless your gonna stick you hand back in the case!!!

OK then Lets hook up that 64" Monitor!!!

Wadda mean you couldn't afford it?

Well ok,,,,I guess we could hook up the Monitor you got then. Very Easy to do with only (2) Plugs to deal with.

Unless your Monitor has built in Speakers and a Built in Microphone.
Your Manual that came with your Monitor will have directions on how to hook them up on your sound card.
Even the Sound Card Manual will show you how.

When you unpack your New Monitor you will have to put the Base on. Don't worry it just clips into place.
Here is the (2) Plugs you will have to deal with on the Monitor.

I bet you know where at least one of them goes!!!


I heard That!!!
OK,,,,Now let get serious.
The Plug on the left goes into your Video Card Connector on the back of your computer. and then just tighten it down with the little screws attached to the Plug.

It will only go on one way cause of the way it's shaped.

The plug on the right will plug in the Wall Outlet or if you bought a UPS "Uninterruptible Power Supply" it would be connected to the back of it.
Well that was easy enough Huh ?
Now to install the Keyboard. This ones gonna be rough so if you too tired wait till tomorrow.
Yeah Right huh ?

Their are several Keyboards with Different Plugs.
I will show you how to install a PS/2 Plug Keyboard.
When you unpack your New Keyboard is will have a connector like this one on the right. It is called a PS/2 connector.

Look on the back of your computer where the ports from your Motherboard is sticking out and on the top you will see two PS/2 sockets.

The one on this computer is the one on the left.

If you are not sure of yours Please Look at your
Motherboard Manual
Then Just Plug it in. Now the Plug will only go in one way. Look close at the plug and you will see a little arrow on it.
The arrow will go towards the other PS/2 port.
Now that was hard Huh ?

Now lets install the Mouse. Yep Just as hard!!!

You can get several types of Mouse Connectors From PS/2,,,,Serial,,,,and even USB.

I am going to show you how to install a PS/2 Mouse.
This is the PS/2 connector on the Mouse.
It goes right next to the Keyboard plug.

The arrow will face the same way as the Keyboard Plug.

You probably already figured that one out huh?
Now wasn't that Easy!!!

Now did you go buy that $6400.00 Desk to put it on?

Nope me neither.

Now we need to Configure the Bios in the Motherboard.

Let's take a Deep Breath and Proceed to

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